1. 3,500 square-foot Zeidler Residence by Ehrlich Architects in Aptos, California

  2. derrick rose, chicago bulls

  3. photos taken by garry winogrand back in the 60s

  4. Migrant workers in Dubai.

  5. Since 2010 I have photographed with a view camera the fronts of neighborhood grocery stores in Paris by night.

    Located in every neighborhood, often open late at night, those little grocery stores are typical (quintessential) of the Parisian urban landscape and urban life.

    Point of exchange and meeting point for residents in the neighborhood, points of light in the sleepy town by night, these places gradually disappear, replaced by large retail chains.

    With this disappearing it’s a page of French history intimately linked with North Africa that flies away, as well as know-how of how delicately to harmonize fruits and vegetables on colorful stalls, which still encounters the gray tarmac of the city to the delight of eyes — yes, but for how long?

    – Marie Hamel, Paris

  6. 1993

  7. Amazing spike lee (here as the character mars blackmon) together with michael jordan when he directed the nike commercials for air jordan back in the 90s.

  8. The roots - Star (2004)

  9. The roots - Star (2004)

  10. The roots come alive sampler (1999)


  11. hype williams>

  12. Kanye West - Diamonds From Sierra Leone (2005)

  13. Lax airport, Los Angeles


  14. "Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner"
    — Lao Tzu

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  15. Lol I bet I’m the only one who’s enjoying looking around at the architecture and interior design at airports while waiting…